• McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release

    MSTR can help movement, function and aesthetics after surgery, childbirth or an accident.

  • What is MSTR?

    Scars from any surgery or accident can
    affect the movement and function in the rest of the body.


    Scar tissue release is performed by a series of very gentle movements over the
    scar, used to disrupt the scar tissue. 


    Results from this treatment can range from increased movement at a joint near the scar, reduced swelling and redness, increased feeling over the scar and improved aesthetics of the scar and surrounding skin.

  • How It Works


    Initial Consultation & Treatment

    60 minutes where we take a detailed history taking of the scar (s) and how it is affecting you now. We will examine your scar, your movement patterns and with your consent some photos will be taken of it to see what our starting point is.


    Then the first session of MSTR will take place and we will reassess the scar immediately afterwards.


    Follow Up Sessions

    A 30/45 minute follow up session will then be booked (you will require a minimum of 1 but if great improvements are seen/felt most clients opt to purchase more) to repeat the MSTR and to reassess progress.

  • Where It Happens

    All sessions happen at The Northern in the M20 Health Treatment Room.


    There is free parking onsite and all sessions are 1-to-1 with no other people in the room.

  • Any questions?

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