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A special time of year is coming. After the turkey, the sofa ads on TV and the endless chocolates (love that bit) we all commit to ludicrous fitness goals that are unrealistic, exhausting and expensive.

Some of us crash before January is even done, a hardy few make it to Spring and, apart from your one unattainably impressive friend, we’re all back to normal by Easter.

Why is that? Well, there’s a lot written about why our health and fitness goals don’t materialise, and come January 1st we’ll all be reading the articles again, as we do every year.

This year let me summarise the process in simple terms and save you the bother. Basically, we set ourselves up to fail because we hinge our success on an event, an outcome or a state of being.

Want this year to be different? Forget fitness goals and focus on fitness habits. Learn to love the process and look less for an end result and more about a beneficial system that will pay off over time.

It’s a less sexy message and it’s harder to package and sell as time-bound offers, but a lot of psychology seems to come out in favour of the approach.

So, in 2019 we won’t be offering any 60 DAYS TO ABTASTIC deals or SUMMER HOLIB-ABS classes. But we are saying come and make a habit of working your core, developing your deep abdominal strength, improving your back posture and building a foundation for strength from within.

Pilates will aid muscle building, improve sport performance, prevent injury and contribute positively towards body shape and definition and do lots of other great stuff.

This year, set less goals and start more habits.

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